Saturday, 19 January 2019

This week's Book of the Week has been a huge success in France and is now casting its spell over English-language readers. Christelle Dabos's exciting YA fantasy, A Winter's Promise, takes the reader into the world of the Arks, floating celestial islands between and within which a range of remarkable characters vie for power. Will plain-spoken, headstrong Ophelia find a way through the intrigues that surround her when she follows her fiancĂ© to the capital of a cold, icy ark known as the Pole? 
>> Read Stella's review
>> Read an excerpt
>> Step through the mirror
>> The book is translated by Hildegarde Serle.
>> A brief teaser
>> Someone has made an animated trailer
>> Le Petit Monde de la Passe-Miroir
>> FB!
>> Teaching notes.
>> Read an excerpt from the yet-to-be-published-in-English The Missing of Clairdelune (the second book in 'The Mirror Visitor' series)
>> The third book will be called The Memory of Babel

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