Saturday, 9 March 2019


Lunch Witch Knee-Deep in Niceness by Deb Lucke   {Reviewed by STELLA}
What could possibly go wrong for Grunhilda the Black Heart? Grunhilda, the lunch lady extraordinaire, sets out for a usual day at the school canteen: for a day of horridness, grouchiness and mean little plans. After all, she has to live up to her reputation as a wicked witch, and keep the ancestors satisfied that all is gloom and doom in the little town of Salem. Yet back at home, her dog (who used to be a tax accountant) Mr Archibald Williams smells a rat: Grunhilda has been hiding something from Mr Williams, the bats and Louise the spider. She’s been hiding a spot of niceness! Mr Williams, in an attempt to keep this news from the Ancestors, makes a terrible mistake. He retrieves the book, The-Book-That-Is-Not-To-Be-Used-For-Good, from the recesses of the room (from well under the bed), and sets out to rectify the situation. Despite dire warnings from Louise the Spider, Mr Williams is determined, and unfortunately accidentally casts a spell. A spell of shocking results - Vince’s Potion of Positivity! While Grunhilda is doing her best to make special ‘ham’ and bean slop (strangely, all the erasers have gone missing) a scent is wafting across the town of Salem, filling everyone with good thoughts, confidence and a 'can-do' attitude. The dullard School Principal is suddenly full of vim and enthusiasm, the children are asking for second helpings of lunch, and poor Scout (a helpful lad) can’t find anyone to help (and so can’t earn his scout badges for good deeds) as everyone is ever-so-confident and super-positive. Dancing in the streets and way too much good fun, not to mention the smell of ‘positivity’, rouses the Ancestors from their coffins and they are not happy! What will Grunhilda do to rectify the situation and get back into their good (bad) books? Deb Lucke’s graphic novel for children Lunch Witch Knee-Deep in Niceness is hilarious fun and wonderfully illustrated complete with splats of spell ingredients.  

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