Saturday, 18 May 2019

Our Book of the Week this week is Good Morning, Mr Crusoe: The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, published in the year MDCCXIX, which for 300 Years has instructed the Men of an Island off the Coast of Mainland Europe to Contemn all Foreigners and Women by Jack Robinson. Published to mark the 300th anniversary of first publication of Robinson Crusoe, this book argues that the legacy of Defoe's novel is racism and misogyny embedded in the fabric of British society. 
>>'Jack Robinson' is a pseudonym of CB Editions publisher Charles Boyle. Read Thomas's reviews of other books by this 'Jack Robinson': 
Blush (with Natalia Zagorska-Thomas)
>>Writing under the pseudonym 'Jennie Walker', Charles Boyle won the 2008 McKitterick Prize for 24 for 3
>> The Manet Girl by Charles Boyle writing as 'Charles Boyle'.
>>Boyle's blog, Sonofabook
>> Murmur by Will Eaves, also published by CB Editions, has just been awarded the 2019 Wellcome Prize. >>Read Thomas's review
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