Saturday 24 June 2017

This week we are featuring the beautifully designed and deeply interesting OBJECT LESSONS series, published by Bloomsbury. 

Humans create objects for function but the meaning of those objects reaches far beyond their function. This excellent series unpacks the meaning concentrated in a plethora of common objects and illuminates layers of culture that are seldom noticed but always active.

Choose your object and learn your lesson (>click<): Earth, Egg, Traffic, Tree, Bread, Hair, Password, Questionnaire, Bookshelf, Cigarette, Shipping Container, Glass, Hotel, Phone Booth, Refrigerator, Silence, Waste, Driver's Licence, Drone, Golf Ball, Remote Control.

>> Read Thomas's review of Dust by Michael Marder. 

>> Read Stella's review of Shipping Container by Craig Martin. 

>> Read Thomas's review of Hotel by Joanna Walsh

>> Watch this Hotel trailer.

>> Joanna Walsh talks about the hotel

>> Read Thomas's review of Bookshelf by Lydia Pyne. 

Come along to VOLUME at 5 PM on Thursday 29th for some OBJECT LESSONS (as part of WINTER@VOLUME). Stella will be discussing the role of the object with fellow jeweller Katie Pascoe, whose Possession project repurposed exchanged objects. Bring along an object to discuss. Find out more about Bloomsbury's OBJECT LESSONS series. 

>> 'Is the Object Really Necessary?' Read Stella's provocative essay, presented to Jemposium in 2012.  

>> Visit the Object Lessons website to learn more about the books and all manner of related essays and articles (you can even submit your own object lesson). 

The first six people who purchase books from the Object Lessons series this week will get a stylish Object Lessons tote bag courtesy of Bloomsbury Publishing. 

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