Wednesday 12 July 2017

Junk poetry competition 
1. Choose one piece of spam or junk mail, an advertisement or other unsolicited words (either received by e-mail or printed).
2. Write a poem using only the vocabulary of the piece of spam or advertising you have chosen. (Hint: the more restricted the vocabulary, the better the results are likely to be.)
3. Send or deliver your poem and a copy of the originating spam or advertising to VOLUME by Friday 18 August.
4. Ensure that your name and contact details are included on a SEPARATE sheet.
5. There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit (just as there is no limit to the 
amount of spam you may receive).
The winner will be announced on National Poetry Day (25 August) and also in the VOLUME newsletter the following day. The winner will receive a trophy, a copy of the 2017 Poetry New Zealand Yearbook and US$1000000 in a bank account in a country with no reciprocal banking arrangement with New Zealand.* 

>> Download the full details.

*One of these prizes is a con.

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