Saturday, 6 October 2018

“I am what I make and nothing else. I make, I unmake, I remake.” Our Book of the Week this week is a ventriloquised autobiography of Louise Bourgeois: Now, Now Louison by Jean Frémon (translated by Cole Swenson).
>> Read Thomas's review.
>> Frémon writes about the book
>> Read an extract
>> Read another extract
>> And another extract!
>> Something like a portrait
>> Published by the tiny and wonderful Les Fugitives.
>> Now, Now, Louison is our smallest book on Bourgeois. Our largest is also wonderful: Intimate Geometries: The life and art of Louise Bourgeois by Robert Storr is the best available survey of her work.
>> Read Stella's review of the beautiful picture book Cloth Lullaby: The woven life of Louise Bourgeois by Amy Novesky and Isabelle Arsenault, which concentrates on her childhood in her parents' tapestry renovation business. 
>> Meet Louise Bourgeois
>> How to peel an orange.
>> "I transform hate into love."
Read Thomas's reviews of the other excellent books published by Les Fugitives:
>> Blue Self-Portrait by Noémi Lefebvre (translated by Sophie Lewis)
>> Suite for Barbara Loden by Nathalie Léger (translated by Natasha Lehrer and Cécile Menon)
>> Translation as Transhumance by Mireille Gansel (translated by Ros Schwartz)
>> Eve Out of Her Ruins by Ananda Devi (translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman)

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