Saturday 9 February 2019

The Wall by John Lanchester is this week's Book of the Week. 
In a not-too-distant (and, metaphorically, not-too-different) future, Britain is surrounded by a vast wall that keeps out not only the higher seas that are the result of climate change, but also the refugees and other 'Others' who want to get in. In atrocious conditions, the walls are guarded by the young, but if any Others get in, the same number of Defenders are put adrift in the sea. Will Kavanagh and Hifa survive?  
"The Wall is something new: almost an allegory, almost a dystopian-future warning, partly an elegant study of the nature of storytelling itself. I was hugely impressed by it." - Philip Pullman 

>> Read the first chapter. 
>> Hear an extract.
>> And another
>> Lanchester talks about the book
>> "A dystopian fable for our time."
>> Talking about The Wall 

>> "Walls were coming down... now they are springing up.
>> "Some of this feels familiar already.
>> 20 questions.
>> Is this where our climate crisis is headed? 
>> We will be giving copies of The Wall away (courtesy of Allen & Unwin NZ) to a few randomly selected customers on Thursday 14th (International Book Giving Day). 

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