Saturday, 2 March 2019

Our Book of the Week is the devastatingly funny graphic novel Rufus Marigold by Ross Murray. 
Rufus Marigold is a primate with a problem. He suffers acutely from anxiety and every social encounter is a harrowing ordeal. A budding artist, Rufus spends his days working in an office. As life become increasingly more of a struggle, Rufus yearns to be defined as something other than a complete nervous wreck. Highly recommended.               
>> Rufus started life as a webcomic.    
>> Find out why Thomas has not written a review of this book
>> "Anxiety is a deeply significant thing in my life.
>> Meet Ross Murray
>> Why is Rufus a chimpanzee?
>> It's OK to be different. 
>> Portrait of the artist as a chimp.
>> The episodes
>> What else does Ross Murray do? 
>> Published by the wonderful Earth's End Publishing
>> Give Rufus a home
>> Is anxiety making life difficult? Visit the Mental Health Foundation website or Anxiety NZ or SPARX (for young people).

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