Saturday 6 July 2019

Book of the Week. Carl Shuker’s new novel, A Mistake, is a compelling story of human fallibility, and of the dangerous hunger for black and white answers in a world of exponential complication and nuance. When something goes badly wrong during an operation, a surgeon at a city hospital — a gifted, driven and rare woman excelling in a male-dominated culture — finds her life redefined by a mistake. 
>>"A scalpel-sharp tale of misadventure." 
>>"Would you consent to going under her scalpel?"
>>Shuker talks with Kim Hill
>>Q&A with Carl.
>>"Carl Shuker is a novelist; a good one, too, an award-winning one."
>>Carl Shuker will be speaking with Naomi Arnold at the VOLUME MAPUA LITERARY FESTIVAL on 22 September. Book your tickets now
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>>Books by Carl Shuker.
"You’d think Carl Shuker couldn’t get any better, but A Mistake is the novel at its visceral and emotional best. This is the most compelling book I’ve read in years. It pulls you along at breakneck speed through questions of failure, exposure and manners. Shuker reinvents the form with every novel and A Mistake is a masterpiece which feels more like a body than a book — the life pumps and glugs and flexes inside its pages." —Pip Adam 

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