Friday 20 September 2019

No-one's sanity is safe from the pen (or, plausibly, keyboard) of novelist Nell Zink. Doxology, this week's Book of the Weektackles the 90s music scene, hipsterdom, climate change and political misadventures on the minimal and maximal scale. It is hugely funny, audacious, sharp and indelible (as you would expect). 
>>Read Stella's review
>>" I am afraid I have to tell you, Nell, you have no subconscious mind."  
>> " Post-sensitive is not a bad description of Zink’s Weltanschauung."
>> He started playing ukulele soon after his mother died.”
>> Podcasting!
>>Turning her back on the publishing world
>>A "middle-aged enfant terrible."
>> How to become a novelist in ten easy steps
>>Click and collect
>>Other books by Nell Zink
>>Zink reads the first four pages of The Wallcreeper

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