Saturday 30 November 2019

Who gets to shape the narratives of our times? The current moment constitutes a battle over that foundational power, one in which women, people of colour, non-straight people are telling other versions, and white people and men and particularly white men are trying to hang onto the old versions and their own centrality. In this week's Book of the Week, Whose Story is This?, Rebecca Solnit applies her acuity to a world in crisis, and shows us some new approaches and hopeful ways forward. 
>>"The essay is powerful again."
>>How Rebecca Solnit became the voice of the resistance
>>"It is absolutely about power."
>>What makes Solnit hopeful?
>>"I loved stories before I could read."
>>A conversation with Astra Taylor
>>"The hero is the problem."
>>Visit Solnit's website
>>Click and collect.
>>Other books by Solnit

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