Friday 24 April 2020

Book of the Week. In his moving and beautifully written novel Patience, Toby Litt projects himself into the mind of a narrator who is prodigiously capable of taking in but tragically incapable of giving out. Elliott is confined to a wheelchair and cannot express his verbally rich inner life, but, in the course of the book, he manages to take a small but significant initiative. 
>>Read Thomas's review
>>Read an extract
>>Writer, writing
>>Litt reads from the book
>>All novels should have a play-list!
>>An interview with Toby Litt
>>"A yearning to connect."
>>Short-listed for the 2020 Republic of Consciousness Prize
>>Which is more important — style or voice? 
>>Published by the 'small but mighty' Galley Beggar Press
>>Your copy will be delivered to your door
>>Consider Wrestliana

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