Friday 19 June 2020

The Mirror Steamed Over: Love and pop in London, 1962 by Anthony Byrt is our Book of the Week this week. Byrt looks at a key moment in the development of pop and conceptual art through the relationships between New Zealander Barrie Bates (who became Billy Apple), painter David Hockney, and writer Ann Quin. The book is hugely readable and enjoyable, and provides perspective on a period of remarkable possibility and change.
>>Anthony Byrt talks with Lynn Freeman
>>Anthony Byrt talks with Paula Morris
>>Being Billy Apple
>>The centre of the extended continental shelf of New Zealand. 
>>Billy Apple with music. 
>>Billy Apple: Life/work is forthcoming from AUP in October. Place your order now. 
>>The official David Hockney website
>>Hockney for children.
>>The world is beautiful
>>A peculiar fish without fins
>>Ann Quinn and Deborah Levy.
>>Narcissist or voyeur? 
>>Her body or the sea
>>Some books by Ann Quin
>>Some books by or about David Hockney
>>This Model World
>>Your copy

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