Friday 11 December 2020


This week's Book of the Week is the just-published collection of nineteen outstanding New Zealand graphic novelists' and comic artists' responses to the month-long lockdown with which the country eliminated Covid-19 transmission from the community. LOCKDOWN: STORIES FROM AOTEAROA presents a wide range of experiences in a wide range of graphic styles, all of which capture some aspect of our collective effort, trauma and hope, and some way in which we learned to look at our lives differently. The artists included are: Alex Cara, Hana Chatani, Li Chen, Miriama Grace-Smith, Sloane Hong, Ruby Jones, Sarah Laing, Sarah Lund, Toby Morris, Sharon Murdoch, Ross Murray, Ant Sang, Coco Solid, Anthony Stocking (Deadface Comics), Mat Tait, Jessica Thompson Carr (Māori Mermaid), Zak Waipara, Tokerau Wilson, and Jem Yoshioka.
>>We appreciated Sarah Laing's Covid-19 Diaries during lockdown
>>Toby Morris worked with Souxsie Wiles to bring us clear information and advice. 
>>Sharon Murdoch set the tone at the beginning of the lockdown
>>The book contains work by Mat Tait.
>>Rufus Marigold found that social distancing and face-masks relieved his social anxiety
>>Ruby Jones has also produced the Thanks from Iso project to express gratitude from returning New Zealanders in MIQ. 
>>Your copy of this book

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