Friday 15 January 2021


Whose Futures? asks this week's Book of the Week. Many of us have become accustomed to speaking of what comes next in terms of a singular ‘future’. Such accounts of the future tend to operate within the narrow confines of colonial capitalism and assume continued economic growth. But there is no ‘one’ future; there are many. As contributions to this book attest, irreconcilable and interrelated futures are already playing out in the present. Who are these futures for?
>>Produced by the Economic and Social Research Aotearoa think tank
>>On future-proofing Aotearoa New Zealand for life after Covid-19. 
>>Productivity and the future of technology
>>Ecological crises and equitable futures
>>Preparedness and recovery as a privilege
>>Other ESRA research
>>New Forms of Political Organisation
>>Your copy of Whose Futures?

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