Friday 5 February 2021


What is decolonisation? Why is it urgent? What would Aotearoa be like if it were decolonised? Certainly the way in which Aotearoa was colonised is responsible for many of the social, ethical and environmental problems we face collectively today—could a process of decolonisation remedy some of these problems and create a more equitable, healthy and sustainable approach to living in this place in the twenty-first century?
Our book of the Week is Imagining Decolonisation by Rebecca Kiddle, Bianca Elkington, Moana Jackson, Ocean Ripeka Mercier, Mike Ross, Jennie Smeaton, and Amanda Thomas.

>>What is decolonisation? 
>>With stories, anything is possible. 
>>Why colonisation is bad for everyone
>>Where to next? 
>>Why colonisation was bad for Pākehā too. 
>>'Decolonisation, Irish summer camps and my dumb Māori Dad.'
>>Why decolonisation is good for everyone
>>Matters arising. 
>>Your copy.
>>Other BWB texts. 

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