Friday 13 August 2021

Find out how fungi make our worlds, change our minds, and shape our futures in this week's fascinating Book of the Week, ENTANGLED LIFE by Merlin Sheldrake. Neither plant nor animal, fungi are found everywhere, but (until now!) have been little understood by the non-specialist public—perhaps because understanding requires a rethinking of our ideas about nature, identity, life, connectedness, and volition. This book is jaw-droppingly interesting throughout. 
>>The secrets of the wood-wide web. 
>>Fungi's lessons for adapting to life on a damaged planet
>>The secret lives of fungi
>>Read an excerpt. 
>>The mycophile's plea
>>"Fundamental to life on earth."
>>From its myriad tips
>>Symbiosis and psychedelics
>>On mycophobic Anglo-Saxons, &c. 
>>A musical collaboration between the author and the fungus devouring his book
>>Sheldrake devours the mushrooms sprouting from his book
>>The sound of the book being devoured by fungus—with piano accompaniment
>>Visit the author's website
>>Your copy
>>Sheldrake also appears in Robert Macfarlane's Underland

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