Friday 29 April 2022

Our Book of the Week is fresh out of the carton! Ali Smith's hugely anticipated new novel Companion Piece, written in 'real time', continues the project of her outstanding 'Seasons' quartet. Few writers can manage to be at the same time as angry and as playful as Ali Smith, and few can directly face the most depressing aspects of our present moment and find such hope in humanity. 
>>In grave peril of becoming a national treasure
>>Not a shred of autofiction
>>A tightrope across a ravine.
>>Puns and wordplay are ceremonious.  
>>In a time when lies are sanctioned. 
>>Does art have anything to do with life? 
>>What to do when you lose faith in the writing process
>>Smith reads 'Nausicaa'.
>>Read Stella's reviews of the 'Seasons' quartet. 
>>Get your Companion Piece.
>>Also available as a beautiful cloth-bound hardback

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