Saturday 18 February 2023


This week we are featuring the work of the superb Chilean author, Alejandro Zambra. Growing up under the Pinochet dictatorship, Zambra became acutely aware of the power of words to both reveal and conceal, to both save and condemn. His work is deeply humane, wryly playful, and fired by an underlying anger at injustice and oppression.
>>Each book suggests its own form.
>>Signs of hope
>>Author and translator present Chilean Poet.  
>>Chatting with Megan and Daniel
>>'Skyscrapers'. >>Omitted characters
>>Read Bonsai, Zambra's breakthrough novel
>>Read Thomas's review of My Documents
>>Read Thomas's review of Multiple Choice. 
>>Read Thomas's review of the essay collection Not To Read
>>Read Zambra's most recent novel Chilean Poet

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