Saturday 1 April 2023


Our Book of the Week is Cheon Myeong-Kwan's lively and inventive novel WHALE, translated from Korean by Chi-Young Kim. On listing the book for the 2023 International Booker Prize, the judges described it as "a carnivalesque fairy tale that celebrates independence and enterprise, a picaresque quest through Korea’s landscapes and history, Whale is a riot of a book. Cheon Myeong-Kwan’s vivid characters are foolish but wise, awful but endearing, and always irrepressible. This is a hymn to restlessness and self-transformation." 
>>Read an extract. 
>>Part of the world. 
>>Revenge plays. 
>>The news in Korea
>>Your copy of Whale
>>Other books long-listed for the 2023 International Booker Prize.

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