Saturday 25 March 2017

Bruno: Some of the more interesting days in my life so far by Catharina Valckx and Nicolas Hubesch       {Reviewed by STELLA}
I like Bruno. He’s a kind cat with a checkered cap. Bruno: Some of the More Interesting Days in my Life So Far is written by Catharina Valckx and illustrated by comic artist Nicolas Hubesch. It’s a funny and charming picture book for junior readers, and a great read-aloud for younger children, too! The drawings are delightful, with plenty to look at in the wonderful street scenes and subtle elements in the pictures that children will like to find. Mostly, it is the characters that will win you over. Bruno is thoughtful, curious and kind, and you’ll enjoy meeting his friends as he takes you through six days – that is six of the more interesting days in his life so far. The day that everything was topsy-turvy, the day it rained and the day the power went out to mention a few. Enjoyable stories about friendship and the small moments in life that can make you smile. Another charmer from Gecko Press.

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