Saturday 14 July 2018

National Poetry Day will be celebrated throughout the country on Friday 24 August. We will be marking the occasion with a poetry competition, an interactive poetry map and a live poetry swap in the shop: 

The Great New Zealand Prose Deletion.
1. Choose one page of New Zealand published prose.
2.  Make 2 copies of the page.
3.  On one copy, delete (perhaps using a marker pen) or erase (perhaps using white-out) everything you don’t want in your poem.
4.  Your poem is what remains.
5.  Send us both copies by 20 August. 
The winner will be announced at VOLUME at 2 PM on National Poetry Day (24 August) and will receive a trophy and a copy of the 2018 Poetry New Zealand Yearbook. >> Download a poster

The Nelson Poetry Map records and shares connections between poetry and places. Contribute poems to our open-access map, tagged to the locations you associate with those poems. Visit the locations and read the poems on your mobile device (or to take a virtual tour without leaving home). It is anticipated that wandering poetry readers on National Poetry Day (24 August) will encounter fellow poetry readers at various locations. >> Click here to read or contribute. >> Download a poster.

The Poem Swap. VOLUME. Friday 24 August, 2 PM.
Bring a poem > Put your poem in the hat > Draw out a poem > Read the poem aloud > Take the poem home! 

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