Saturday, 16 May 2020

Book of the WeekHIGH WIRE, a collaboration between writer Lloyd Jones and artist Euan Macleod, is an arrestingly beautiful and deeply thoughtful picture book for grown-ups. The book explores the tensions, exhilarations and dangers of the metaphorical tightrope walked by all who step out above the void in the search of new experience, and other tentative structures reaching across voids and gaps. Macleod's figures struggle against consuming backgrounds, or to emerge from the scribbles that are their genesis, while Jones's words slice and hum with the clarity of taut wires. 
>>Read Thomas's review
>>Listen and look. 
>>Some sample pages
>>10 questions with Lloyd Jones
>>Read an excerpt
>>"A fine combination."
>>Macleod on painting the figure
>>The book is designed by Gary Stewart of The Gas Project.
>>Other books by Lloyd Jones. 
>>Other paintings by Euan Mcleod.
>>An excellent piece of publishing from Massey University Press
>>Your copy to your doorstep or ready to collect

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