Friday, 22 May 2020

This week's Book of the Week has just won the Non-Fiction Award at the 2020 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards, and been awarded the E.H. McCormick Award for General Non-Fiction at the Mito-Q Best First Book Awards. In DEAD PEOPLE I HAVE KNOWN, Shayne Carter tells of his struggle against odds both external and internal and of both his success and precarity as a songwriter and performer in the New Zealand indie music scene. The Ockhams judges said: "From the first page, Shayne Carter‘s Dead People I Have Known invites the reader to jump right in and come along for the ride. What follows is an illuminating insight into the childhood, shaped by violence and addiction, of a boy who didn’t fit in and felt saved by music. The insider’s view of the development of the music scene in Dunedin makes a valuable contribution to the sparsely populated field of New Zealand music writing. More especially it is a fascinating look at what it means and how it feels to be a creative obsessive — pushing towards perfection despite and because of addiction, oblivion and isolation. It is rock-star writing: entertaining, revealing and incredibly heartfelt."
>>Read Stella's review.
>>Shayne Carter talks to Kim Hill
>>Bored Games (1982)
>>The Dunedin music scene (1984)
>>The Doublehappys live (1984).
>>The Straightjacket Fits live (1988)
>>Interview, 1994. 
>>Dimmer (2009).
>>Randolph's Going Home live (2014).
>>Waiting Game live (2016).
>>A return to his old stomping ground
>>Carter at the AWF
>>Your copy

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