Friday 30 October 2020


Our Book of the Week, The Harpy by Megan Hunter, is an exploration of love, revenge and female rage drawing on mythology and the dark recesses of the psyche with precision and spine-chilling unease set in the normality of the suburban middle-class home.
>>Read Stella's review
>>Stella will also be reviewing the book on Radio NZ Monday after 10:30 AM
>>"Harpies symbolise the side of femininity that is often rejected or marginalised."
>>Meet the Harpies
>>Megan Hunter talks with Evie Wyld
>>Read Stella's review of The End We Start From.
>>"I've imagined disasters and catastrophes from an early age."
>>"I discovered my own rhythms and particular desires as I wrote."
>>Your copy of The Harpy

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