Friday 2 July 2021


Britta Teckentrup's beautiful and thoughtful book My Little Book of Big Questions is our Book of the Week this week. Do flowers, when they grow, feel the same as I do when I grow? Why am I afraid of what I don't know? What if winter never ends? How do birds see the world? Why do we always have to argue? Is the world inside or outside of me? Is it possible to understand the whole universe? Is it good to step out of line? Will we be enchanted and carried off into another world? Why do some people turn nasty when they are in a large group? Are dreams as true as reality? What exactly is the future? If I think long and hard, will I discover the meaning of life? Why are my thoughts going around in circles? Is it possible to think of nothing? Is it possible to be too happy? Does everyone ask the same questions? There are no answers in this book (just as well!), so it is the perfect launch-pad for the imagination or for discussion. Teckentrup's prints are exquisite and dream-like. 
>>Look through the book quickly here
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>>Living in two languages.
>>Buy a copy of My Little Book of Big Questions (we can gift-wrap and send anywhere).
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