Saturday 24 July 2021


This week's wonderful Book of the Week, Charles Boyle's The Other Jack, is a book about books, mostly — and about bonfires, clichés, dystopias, failure, happiness, jokes, justice, privilege, publishing, rejection, self-loathing, shoplifting and umbrellas. It is a book about why readers read, and about why writers write. When writer and reader meet in cafés to talk about books (that’s the book's plot, pretty much), you will be very pleased to be privileged with their company. 
>>Read Thomas's review
>>The index gives an idea of the book's literary concerns (so to call them).
>>Boyle operates CB Editions, one of the best and smallest publishers
>>The freedom to fail. 
>>"It was thrift as much as anything."
>>A little star
>>"Temperamentally unsuited to the 'growth' model."
>>A pub chat, apparently.
>>Caught in The Poetry Archive
>>An evening with CB Editions
>>Read Thomas's review of Good Morning Mr Crusoe by Jack Robinson [i.e. Charles Boyle].
>>Read Thomas's review of Robinson by Jack Robinson
>>Read Thomas's review of Blush by Jack Robinson and Natalia Zagórska-Thomas
>>Read Thomas's review of An Overcoat by Jack Robinson
>>Read Thomas's review of by the same author by Jack Robinson
>>24 for 3 by Jennie Walker [i.e. Charles Boyle]. 
>>The Disguise, Poems 1977—2001 by Charles Boyle [i.e. Charles Boyle]
>>The Manet Girl by Charles Boyle.
>>Your copy of The Other Jack

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