Friday 10 September 2021


Book of the Week. One of the great novels of isolation, Susanna Clarke's haunting and unusual novel PIRANESI has just been awarded the 2021 Women's Prize for Fiction. Piranesi is the sole living human inhabitant of a house of infinite dimensions: a labyrinth of rooms filled with statues, oceans, storms, jetsam, and birds. How does he make sense of his world, and why must he report his 'findings' twice a week to The Other—the only person he has ever seen? What happens when Piranesi's known world is shaken by an intrusion from beyond its lonely, austere beauty? 
>>Winning the 2021 Women's Prize for Fiction
>>A triumphantly unusual winner
>>"Women have such marvellous, varied stories."
>>Bound in one place by illness. 
>>The beauty of The House. 
>>Book trailer. 
>>"Write the way you can."

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