Friday 17 September 2021


Our Book of the Week is Gavin Bishop's distinctively beautiful and informative book Atua: Māori Gods and Heroes
Before the beginning there was nothing. No sound, no air, no colour—nothing. TE KORE, NOTHING. No one knows how long this nothing lasted because there was no time. However, in this great nothing there was a sense of waiting. Something was about to happen.
This wonderful large-format book belongs on every child's—and every adult's—bookshelf. From creation to migration, lively illustrations and text tell the unique stories of Aotearoa's gods, demigods and heroes.  
>>Your copy (or one to give away). 
>>Also just released from Gavin Bishop: Koro and Pops.!!
>>Old friends in our home. 
>>Some pages!
>>Meet Gavin Bishop. 
>>The book belongs alongside the wonderful Aotearoa: The New Zealand story and Wildlife of Aotearoa.

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