Saturday 11 December 2021


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Inside the Suitcase by Clotilde Perrin  {Reviewed by STELLA}
Remember the fairy-tale inspired Inside the Villains, the slightly macabre House of Madam M, both from the clever pen and brush of French writer and illustrator Clotilde Perrin? Now, there’s an equally delightful new picture book — Inside the Suitcase. A small boy is going on a journey. He packs his suitcase. Click-clack! What will he need? Something warm? Something to wear if he needs to cool off? And some food — a cheese sandwich is just the right thing for a journey. Look under the flaps to see what is inside the suitcase. What’s this? A key. But a key for what? Filled with small clues and mysteries that will unfold as you turn the pages, lift the flaps (there are many on each page) and read the story, you will discover the perfect purpose for each item. The boy leaves his lovely red-roofed home to cross the ocean, suitcase clutched on his knees, to a land with a large rock behind which he finds a little house. Knock-knock! Look inside — there’s something in a locked cage — what could it be? The key comes in useful. It’s something delicious — sponge fingers, strawberry mousse and a chocolate dome (and did I mention a cherry on top!). Into the suitcase it goes — for later…. The boy walks on — up high into snowy peaks, so delightfully drawn that you can feel the icy air. Brrr. The boy thinks so too — luckily he packed something warm. Keep lifting the flaps on this page to discover some beautiful creatures swimming in the sea below. The boy will find an underwater world and an even tinier house. Knock-knock. There’s something very precious in this tiny house. Absolutely overjoyed, the boy pops it into his suitcase and walks on into a magical forest. But between the beautiful plants lurks danger. Our resourceful young fellow has just what he needs, in his suitcase, of course! On the run, he comes across another house — this one is slightly different from the others, and here he finds a seed. What might grow from this seed? He’ll have to go home and plant it! This is a charming story for curious young minds, with adventure and playful discoveries on every page and under every flap. Perfect! Wonderfully illustrated, beautifully designed and cleverly told. Click-clack.

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