Saturday 4 March 2023


This week we are featuring the books of the remarkable Norwegian writer Jon Fosse, who has developed a method he calls 'slow prose' to explore the depths and subtleties of memory and experience and to grapple with the complex predicaments of human existence, language, time, and personhood. His prose is hypnotic, looping, emotionally resonant, philosophical, and often also funny. 
>>It's not me who's seeing
>>The mystical realist. 
>>A search for peace
>>Pure prose
>>Frames and levels
>>Revisions and the ear. 
>>A new name.
>>Thomas reviews The Other Name. 
>>Septology (also available as The Other Name, I Is Another, and A New Name). 
>>Aliss at the Fire
>>Scenes from a Childhood. 
>>Melancholy 1—2. 

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