Saturday 25 March 2023


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As a child, I would go to the library every Friday. It was the highlight of my week, and I managed to read my way around the shelves (some books several times). The small bookcase at home had a few treasures — my own books. And I still remember most of these titles vividly. Reading them into the small hours of the morning with my torch or making a den among the trees, hidden away with my books was my special pleasure and a secret world only I could enter. Joining my friends on the page and discovering worlds outside my own, reading books was a surprise, a wonder, company and solace. The school holidays are fast approaching, as well as the Easter break, so now is a good time to stock up for yourself, the children in your family, or to give a gift to someone who would appreciate the wonder of a new book for their special shelf. We have many beautiful and excellent children’s books in stock, and because we would like to see these books in homes, we are offering a selection at reduced prices.
Here are some picks from our sale that would captivate young readers: I would recommend Still Stuck — learning to dress oneself is hilarious fun;  The Witches of Benevento: The Secret Janara — this delightful series features stand-alone stories of history and mischief with a gaggle of curious children; the thoughtful (and stunningly illustrated) And the Ocean Was Our Sky. For excellent teen fantasy, try A Winter’s Promise. And then there are the large, beautiful, illustrated non-fiction books — hours, days, years of looking and learning — highlights: The SkyAnimalium and A World of Art to just mention a few.
Happy browsing! And let us know if you would like your purchases gift-wrapped. 

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