Saturday, 21 March 2020

Sophy Roberts's The Lost Pianos of Siberiaour Book of the Week this week, is a fascinating history of Siberia as told through the stories of the pianos that have made their ways into houses there over the centuries. Pianos have had a special place in Russian culture since the time of Catherine the Great, and since then both grand pianos and humble uprights have made their way to even the furthest and most inhospitable regions of Siberia. Roberts is delightful company as she journeys into the snowbound wastes and meets villagers and city dwellers who are heirs not only to pianos and their remnants but also to the weight of (often surprising) history. 
>>Hear Sophy Roberts talk about the book and how she came to write it
>>'Another Siberia.'
>>Listen to the author's collaboration with Mongolian pianist Odgerel Sampilnorov.
>>The book has a website (with a short film by Michael Turek). 
>>"Original and compelling."
>>More about Sophy Roberts.
>>Your copy of The Lost Pianos of Siberia: softcover or hardback

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