Friday 18 September 2020

The strangest British band you've never heard of lies at the heart of Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell, this week's Book of the Week. Mitchell's books are all different, but each of them provides direct access to the emotional lives of their characters, their development and their vulnerabilities. 

>>Read Stella's review

>>"Hello, I'm David Mitchell."

>>David Mitchell plays with Sam Amidon at the Edinburgh Book Festival

>>This book needs a playlist more than most. 

>>David Mitchell vs. David Byrne

>>He chats with Kim Hill

>>How can you listen to a fictional band? 

>>Neil Gaiman in one ear. 

>>Facing the blank page

>>Let's hope this is a hotel room

>>"If my stories are children, I want them to have distinct personalities.

>>Other books by David Mitchell.

>>Start reading!

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