Saturday 11 June 2022

Our Book of the Week is Democracy in Aotearoa New Zealand: A survival guide by Geoffrey Palmer and Gwen Palmer Steeds. This important and accessible book outlines the principles and mechanisms of our democracy and its institutions, and shows how it can be made to function optimally through the participation of ordinary people. How can democracy address the problems of the future, such as climate change, decolonisation, diversity, and misinformation? Much of it written as a series of exchanges between Geoffrey Palmer (a former Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, Attorney-General, and an expert on constitutional law), and his granddaughter Gwen Palmer Steeds (a student of political communication and political science and a youth political activist), the book is both urgent and engaging. Read it — and use it — to ensure democracy's survival. 
>>The authors, 2009 and 2022
>>Democracy on the defensive
>>A fragile form of government.
>>The case for a constitution. 
>>Not enough reform. 
>>What can we do about future injustices?
>>Towards Democratic Renewal
>>Your copy of Democracy in Aotearoa New Zealand


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