Saturday 4 June 2022


Unfortunately, our Book of the Week is urgently relevant in many parts of the world at the moment, and increasingly relevant elsewhere. Timothy Snyder's ON TYRANNY: Twenty lessons from the Twentieth Century alerts us to the tell-tale signs of a society shifting away from democracy and towards authoritarianism, and gives us some simple but effective ideas on combatting this. This graphic edition of this important book is given even greater depth and resonance by the illustrations by Nora Krug. Beware!
>>How the illustrations were made
>>"If we don't observe carefully we don't know how to intervene."
>>The dangers of passive allegiance
>>Some pages
>>"It turns out that people really like democracy."
>>Other excellent books by Timothy Snyder. 
>>Also by Nora Krug
>>Your copy of On Tyranny

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